AARP MedicareRx Preferred vs AARP MedicareRx Enhanced For 2014

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AARP MedicareRx Preferred vs AARP MedicareRx EnhancedWhich is best: AARP MedicareRx Preferred or AARP MedicareRx Enhanced?

When comparing 2014 Medicare Part D drug plans, you may come across some information on AARP Medicare Part D plans. But what are the differences between the AARP drug plans and when should you choose one over the other?

The first thing to consider when comparing Part D plans is whether or not your drugs are included in the plan’s formulary or list of covered drugs. No other plan benefits will be relevant unless your drugs are covered. This point is often lost on people who do not do their homework but rather base their decision on price or a recommendation from a friend or family member.

Medicare Part D formularies vary widely and the AARP Part D plans are not different. Statistically most people will find the AARP Medicare RX Preferred plan to offer a formulary that will include all of their medications. If after reviewing the formulary you find that you fall into this category it may be best to choose this plan. The premium for the Enhanced RX plan is most often more than two times the premium for the Preferred RX plan.

Benefits of the AARP MedicareRx plan

There are some important benefits of the Enhanced plan not available with the Preferred plan and the price between the two will generally reflect that.

The AARP Enhanced Part D plan:

  • Has an expanded formulary that includes all generic drugs covered by Medicare Part D and most commonly used brand-named drugs.
  • Co-pays in certain tiers are less.
  • When in the coverage gap you will have additional coverage for Tier 1 drugs with co-pay.

The most important benefit and reason why you would choose the AARP Enhanced plan is the expanded formulary. The higher price will most often negate the savings in co-pays and the coverage of generic drugs in the coverage gap.

Given the fact that the formulary is key when comparing AARP MedicareRx Preferred vs AARP MedicareRx Enhanced make sure that you review the formularies to make sure that your drugs are included. This applies to any 2014 Part D plan that you may be shopping for.

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  1. Mildred Mallicote

    Thanks so much David! – You have been a great help!!

  2. Marilyn H. Shivers

    I have Medicare RX Preferred and usually receive my Formulary each year, this year I have not received my 2014 Formulary. I am requesting one via Mail.

  3. Marilyn, This site is not owned or operated by United Healthcare. Contact a United healthcare agent where you live and they should be able to help you.

  4. Marilyn H. Shivers

    Thank you David.

  5. The AARP Medicare Rx Enchanced plan has coverage in the Gap for Tier 1 an 2 and selected medication in Tier 3-5. How can I find out if a medication is covered in the Gap or am I only paying the percentage of the medication in each Tier in the Gap? I understand that in the Coverage Gap you are paying 72% for generic and 47.5% for brand, but that applies to all three plans. Could you give me an example of a drug that is covered in the coverage Gap and one that is not? Can I compare it to the total drug cost, or what can I do?

  6. I am currently having my Premiums Electronically paid out of my Checking Account, I would like to go back to sending in the payment slips each month. How do I I switch back over to paying by check each month?

    Thank you.

  7. Linda, You should call the member services number on your card and let them know what you would like to do.

  8. I can not hear on the telephone so I have to do this by email.
    I have AARP MedicareRX Prescrtion insurance and want to change to another provider please tell me what I need to do by email.

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