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Community CCRx - 2012 Part D OptionsCommunity CCRx Part D no longer offering Part D plans

There are literally dozens of Part D plans offered in most States and although no single plan is the best for everyone, some plans will be a huge benefit for Medicare beneficiaries on certain Medications.

Community CCRx members were transitioned to SilverScript Part D plans in January 2013. SiverScript has been offering Part D Plans since 2006 and have over 4 million members.

Compare Medicare Plans Without Submitting Your Info Online – Call (888) 310-0376

When comparing Part D drug plans there are several considerations. These include:

  • Is the monthly premium affordable?
  • Are the co-pays or coinsurance levels in line with similar plans?
  • Are you willing to pay an annual deductible?
  • Is your preferred pharmacy in-network?
  • Does the mail order option offer a real value?
  • Are specific drugs placed in the same tiers as comparable plans?
  • Are your medications included in the plan’s formulary drug list?

The last point is the most important. If your medications are not included in the plan’s formulary, nothing else matters. When comparing Part D plans it is vitally important to review the formulary to ensure your medications are included.


  1. Marie, That’s a question that should be addressed to the plan.

  2. I was using walmarts relion insulin 70/30 its cost was 24.00 per bottle. I use 12 bottles for a 90 day supply. 2 years ago CCRX sent me a letter saying that drug was not on there plan and I had to start using Humlin 70/30 that was 55.00 per bottle. I did that all year and was able to stay out of donut hole. Now this year the day after I could change my plan I got a letter on Dec 8th from CCRX again saying that they were not going to cover Humlin 70/30 and I it was suggested that I start using Novlin 70/30 which cost 73.00 per bottle. So I called CCRX to ask where the common sense was in all these increases and I was sure to make the donut hole for sure. The first lady I talked to said she didnt have axcess to info to answer my question. So I called again the next day and tlaked to some lady that had such a axsent I could not understad a thing she said. So getting more furstrated I called again the this time I talk to a person that threw about 15 different figures at me and talked so fast I know I was done. Then I call back again and asked for supervisor got to talk to a man named Raymond who was very easy to understand and he listened to my story and then he said he had to switch me there team that handles calls with problems. I got transfered to a lady that whispered in to phone and I never could understand a word she said. I am at the end of my rope. It seems to me if we are partnering together to buy medical drugs it do both of us the most good to buy the cheaper brand that sounds like a WIN WIN for us both. I have yet had some explain to me why I have to keep changeing and my insuling has gone up 200% in 2 years. ANYONE HAVE A ANSWER PLEASE. Thanks LeRoy Dugdale

  3. LeRoy, You’ve been through the ringer! Contact your local SHIP (State health Insurance Assistance Program) office. They can help. If you have a copy of the Medicare & You handbook that you receive each year from Medicare, the phone number will be on the back.

  4. Thanks for the reply David, I will give that a try.

  5. I dont know what URI is. Have been on phone for past half hour and have gotten no results. Info said I could go to internet but still no results. I need help. Please contact me.

  6. I have been a Community Care Rx customer since it started. My question is, usually by the middle of January I am in the “Catastrophic” class, but so far this year I’m not. I am still on the same medication, with a couple added, yet I am still paying “catastrophic” prices. Please let me know what my status is now. Thank you very much! Also, why does our Medicare Part D have the right to tell us what type insulin we should take if we want help with paying for it. The insulin I am now on has worked for me for several years, yet I am suppose to change. Why? I called the CCRx office to see about upgrading my plan and was told I could not until next October. I should be able to until May because last year I was on disability and then last May I was changed to regular RETIRED status so I can enroll or upgrade until May 2012. Please help me!!

  7. Shirley, To learn your status you should contact your Part D provider. All Part D plans have their own formularies (list of covered drugs). Compare plans during the next enrollment period to find a plan that covers your type of insulin. Unless you are entitled to a Special Enrollment Period you can not make a change until the annual Open Enrollment Period which begins October 15th 2012 through December 7th 2012. If you cannot get satisfaction from your plan’s member services department try contacting your local Area Council on Aging or SHIP office. They can generally assist you.

  8. I have a complaint about the service I received when I call your 800# today. I would I to send my complaint in the form of a letter to the appropriate party. The agent that I was speaking with refused to give the name or address of the person to whom I should address my issues. Can you please provide that information?

  9. Percy, I’m sorry I can’t help. Please read the About Page on this site.

  10. My daughter is a transplant patient that was taken off S.S.Disability the end of 2008. In Jan. 2009 she received a letter from S.S. Stating she no longer had medicare. She opted out of all insurances because she had no way to pay for them. CCRX kept billing her even though she was not eligible for it because she was no longer on Medicare. She has been calling and faxing CCRX over and over to disenroll her to no avail. They just keep adding to the bill. Medicare says they show her disenrolled. It just keeps going back and forth. CCRX says it is a Medicare problem. Medicare says it is a CCRX problem. So today I filed a complaint with Senator Mikulski of MD. plus faxed once again the disenrollment for with additional docs. to CCRX and mailed the docs. that I faxed to CCRX and sent is as certified mail. Beware there is some kind of fraud going on with CCRX. We even had the MD. State Attorney’s office try to fix it and they couldn’t get answers from CCRX. Every time you talk to them they claim they have no record of you ever calling. Very upsetting and frustrating. BAD Company!!!!! BEWARE

  11. Now for the latest update. Now they are saying that the individual can not disenroll them selves. They claim S.S. is the only one that can disenroll you. My daughter has a letter from S.S. saying her medicare would end on a certain date. CCRX says she was only disenrolled from part B so she can’t disenroll from CCRX. I tried to explain to them the letter doesn’t say part A,B,C,or D it says Medicare which to me would be all parts. All they do is say something different every time you talk to them and their answers just go in circles. They do now say they have a Congressional Inquire in effect so will see what they come up with now. Big Scam Company.

  12. James, If she is still enrolled in Part A, it seems as the the communication from Medicare may be a little incomplete. If that’s the case CCRx has their hands tied by CMS regulations. Try contacting your local SHIP office or Area Council on Aging, they can be a big help at times.

  13. I have been trying to get my address changed as the postal service will soon discontinue rerouting my mail, but the times that i have called and went thru the process, at the end when i am supposed to talk to an agent I get hung up on. Can u please see about getting my address changed?

  14. Is there a limit to the income you can have coming in to be eligible? My sister works at a part time job and her husband is on disability. He is on your program and it helps them greatly with all of the medications he takes. Sometimes they ask her to work extra days, but she does not want to jeopardise the help he gets for meds because they would never be able to afford them and he needs them to live. She asked me to check into it for her, so if you could would you let me know the income guidelines for a family of 2. Thank you so much, Betty Howell

  15. Leon, This blog has no authority to make changes to your address. Visit your plan’s website to initiate a change of address.

  16. Betty, If you are referring to extra help with Part D, the maximum income for a couple (for 2012) is $22065. Here is an article on extra help with Part D.

  17. I switched to the most expensive plan D that CCRX offered, based upon the info on the WEB, ie; premiums and my meds. After I changed plans in 12/2011, I find that my drugs are not covered, even in generic form!!This is DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES if there was such a thing. I have severe COPD and my inhaler is not covered as well as eye drops that help the glaucoma and partial blindness. I did my research very well. THE COMPANY IS A FRAUD AND THEY PASS THE BUCK TO MEDICARE AND MEDICARE SAYS IT IS AN ISSUE FOR CCRX TO RESOLVE. WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH? I WANT WHAT I AM PAYING FOR, MY MEDICINES!!!

  18. Joy, If you have a copy of the plan formulary for the CCRX Part D plan you joined and it shows your drugs as listed, you may have a case. If not…. you probably have a losing battle on your hands. Contact your local Area Council on Aging or SHIP office. They will often work as an advocate without fees to help you resolve problems.

  19. Dorothy Verlee Dauma

    I an currently covered by Community CCRX program. I chose your company because it allowed me to have Lipitor. I have tried the substitues with bad side effects. Now my Pharmacy is trying to force me to use a generic and telling me if I use Lipitor I will have to pay full price which is $176.00. I cannot use the generics because of the side effects, and I have a letter from you stating that the last generic for Lipitor is not in your forumlary. I have taken Lipitor for 8-10 years. I am 90 years old, and feel that I have no other recourse but to stop taking Lipitor all together as I simply can not afford to take it at that price.

  20. Dorothy, This blog is not owned by the company behind Community CCRx. You may want to contact your local Area Council on Aging or SHIP office to see if they can offer you some help.

  21. David:

    I chose Community CCRx s my Part D plan. However, I received a letter from them, dated March 28, telling me to replace a card that I was using with the new Community CCRx card, which I could go to my Pharmacist to get. I unfortunately misplaced the letter and forgot all about it until just a few minutes ago.

    I’ll try to go in the morning to see what can be done, but the Pharmacy is a long way from me (they deliver) so it won’t be easy. I’m not sure what the other options are? I have only gone to the Pharmacy itself one time before (to pick up some meds). Please assist; I don’t know what to do and I’m already late in turning the form in. Thank you.

  22. MJ, If you were unable to resolve this issue at the pharmacy, call customer service to get assistance.

  23. can you email a list of substitute med for Marcardis, since your plan does not cover?

  24. This site is not owned or operated by Community CCRx and am unable to help. Sorry.

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