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There are literally dozens of Medicare Part D sponsors offering multiple Medicare Rx plans. If you are interested in Medicare drug plans from Universal American, you’ll want to begin your research at

But not so fast…  navigating a sponsor’s Part D website can often be more difficult than it looks. There are certain pieces of information that you must review to determine whether or not a particular Medicare Rx plan will meet your needs.

This article is designed to arm you with the information required to get the most out of your research whether you are considering a Community CCRx Part D Plan or other popular alternatives such as AARP Medicare Part D or Humana Walmart Preferred Rx. In fact it makes good sense to visit more than one website to gather information.


Evaluating Community CCRx PDP

When visiting the homepage you’ll want to begin by selecting the Find a Plan link near the top of the page. This will allow you to enter your zip code to see plans in your area. You can also fine-tune your search by indicating what prescription drugs you are currently taking. This is important because you will learn which Community CCRx PDP formulary is your best option.

Part D Plans available from Community CCRx include:

  • Community CCRx Basic PDP
  • Community CCRx Choice PDP

Aside from the monthly premium the main differences will be the annual deductible amount and the Part D formulary or list of covered drugs.

The Community CCRx Basic drug plan will have a lower premium but will require that you pay a $320 annual Part D deductible. This plan is for people who do not require an expanded formulary due to a chronic condition or people who require less common medications. One benefit of Community CCRx Basic is the ability to get Lipitor or Crestor for $2 per month.

The Community CCRx Choice drug plan has a higher monthly premium but does not require an annual deductible. Tier one drugs are available for a $0 copay as is Lipitor and Crestor. Tiers two through four require a fixed copay where as the same tiers on the Basic PDP plan require a percentage of the drug cost.

Choose the Community CCRx Choice Medicare drug plan if you require an expanded formulary or like not having a deductible and having greater certainty over copay amounts.

Other Part D considerations

It’s important to learn about prior authorizations and any changes to the plan’s formulary. Part D plans can eliminate or add drugs during the course of the year. Having a printed formulary may leave you with out-dated information. If you have any questions you can speak with an insurance agent who represents Community CCRx Part D Plans. Or if you have trouble navigating the web site you can always call the toll free number to speak with customer service.

Once you have found a Medicare Part D Rx plan make certain that your pharmacy is in-network and that you are satisfied with the value offered by any mail order program.

If after reviewing the information on the Community CCRx website and if you determine that it is right for you, enrollment can be done online as long as you are eligible to enroll.

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  1. William F Black

    I do not understand any of this. I thought I was a member of Community CCRx. Please let me know if there is anything I have to do.———–thank-you William F Black

  2. William, This page is a review of the Community CCRx website and is not owned or operated by Universal American or Community CCRx Part D. Visit your provider’s site if you have questions about your membership in their Part D coverage.

  3. All I want to do is to give you my change of address from
    Cleburne TX 76033-6702. Thank you, If this isn’t the right place for this info, please send me the correct site.

  4. Gladys, The easiest way to submit a change of address is to call the CommunityCCRx member services phone number on your Part D card.

  5. Where can I look up a list of pharmacy’s on this plan.

  6. Rachel, Here is a link for Pharmacy Search at the Community CCRx website.

  7. is this plan right for me?

  8. Hulya, You should speak with an agent to get help with Part D plans.

  9. I need a form for “reguest an exemption” for a drug that i am taking and will not be on the 2012 formulary. I tried to navigate to the prescribed site in your letter, but am unable to see any forms.

  10. Greg, You should call Community CCRx member services for help.

  11. David,
    Will you let me know who I should speak to about some of my drugs that ccrx do not pay for
    thank you

  12. Marie, Start with your doctor to see if there are other compatible drugs that will be covered. If there are not see if your doctor can help you file for an exception to the formulary.

  13. All I want to do is cancel my Community CCRx ID:DD2169923 Thanks

  14. Dobrolinski, Contact your carrier to see if you are entitled to a special enrollment Period. If you are not, you may be stuck until the next enrollment period when you can drop, change or enroll in a Part D plan.

  15. I am attempting to find a phone number for CCRx. Do you
    have a phone number?

  16. Jerry, Here’s the number listed on their site: 1-877-545-6129. Indicated that you can call from 8:00AM – 8:00PM from your time zone 7 days a week.

  17. my mom has ccrx basic & pace can i order her drugs thru the mail since she is moving to an assisted living center

  18. Mary Ellen, I don’t see why not as long as her plan includes a mail order option. Contact Community CCRx member services to get the specifics.

  19. i have a HUGE complaint about my billing and customer service w/ccrx med d. i have called and spoken to cust srvc people and have received no statisfaction. how can i get to a manager, ceo or someone to listen too me about ccrx failure to bill me for 5 years, after for no explanation, taking me off auto payment. i am ready to call an attorney!

    thank you. suzan


  21. Frances, Ask to speak with a supervisor and if you do not get satisfaction you could try getting help from your local Area Council on Aging or SHIP office.

  22. You guys really made an enemy of me!! I am going to bad mouth you everywhere and it is true. When I need meds now I don”t want to wait till next month.Why? I could be Freaking dead when you diddle dumbbells become willing to pay. What good is your company that in an emergency situation my doctor has to INCREASE the dosage you think because I had a script I do not need what they prescribe.Then I call once on 2-29-12 to CCRx ;they will over ride for my refund.I drive across town to the pharmacy ($3.81 gal gas) to get NO REFUND. Nanu from India said so. I call again;no refund 1 extra wasted trip and the girl says you can get prednesone tomorrow.People are so stupid I can not begin to comprehend. But if my condition continues like this YOU ARE PUTTING ME AT RISK BY NOT FILLING THE SCRIPTS WHEN I NEED THEM NOT WHEN YOU THINK I SHOULD GET THEM.I really am afraid your company does”nt give a s— I will find some company who does.

  23. John, This blog is not owned by Community CCRx, but you made your point. If you truly feel that you health is at risk take your prescription to a pharmacy and tell them you are uninsured. Get your prescription and file a claim with your Part D plan.

    TAM V HO

  25. Tam, No enrollments are processed on this site. You can call 888 310-0376 or visit

  26. want to know if test strips for diabetes test are covered in my case.Myreference is 014720218.

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