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First Health Part D - Medicare Part D For 2013First Health Part D PDP options for 2013

Coventry Health Care is the insurance company behind First Health Part D. Coventry formerly offered Medicare Part D plans with the Advantra RX brand.  Coventry re-branded their Part D plans as First Health Part D.

First Health  Part D plans are available in all 50 States. Coventry also markets Medicare Advantage plans in select areas. A First Health Medicare drug plan may be a viable option if your are enrolled only in original Medicare or if you have purchased a Medicare supplement and need prescription drug coverage.

First Health Part D plans can change annually

All Part D plans are annual plans. Insurance companies enter into an annual agreement with CMS to provide benefits for a calendar year. Either party can choose to terminate and not renew the agreement annually. The same can be said for Medicare Advantage plans.

Plan benefits can change for many reasons and most often a plan sponsor is reacting to changes in the cost of providing service, the cost of medications or changes in reimbursement rates from Medicare. Given this scenario no Part D plan will necessarily include the same benefits year after year. Several changes can occur including:

  • Premiums can increase.
  • Plan formularies can change.
  • Deductibles, copay amounts and coinsurance can change.
  • Plans can non-renew and cease to be available.


Compare First Health Part D to other available plans

Like many companies offering Part D plans Coventry is offering more than one First Health drug plan.

First Health Part D Premier PDP is considered the basic plan and has a lower monthly premium. Plans can vary depending on location, but often this plan has a deductible, a set copay for Tier 1 medications and coinsurance amounts for the Tiers 2, 3 and 4. For most people the formulary will include all or most all of their drugs.

Those people who require an expanded formulary may want to consider the First Health Part D Premier Plus. This plan will include more of the drugs required to treat chronic illnesses but will require a higher premium. Plans can vary depending on location but this plan often includes a $0 copay for Tier 1, a set copay for Tier 2 and coinsurance amounts for Tiers 3 and 4.

A new option for people considering a Coventry Part D is the First Health Part D Value Plus (PDP). this plan is not available in Alaska or Hawaii.

The most important thing to consider when comparing Part D plans is the plan’s formulary. If your medications are not covered nothing else, including a low monthly premium, will matter. When comparing plans focus on these plan features:

  • The plan’s formulary or list of covered drugs.
  • The monthly premium.
  • The copay amounts and coinsurance required.
  • In-network pharmacies.
  • Mail order options.

There are more than likely a number of plans available to you. First Health Part D PDP plans are worth a look. Typically you can compare plans online and print a copy of the plan’s formulary. Keep the above plan features in mind when comparing plans and you should be able to get the best plan for your circumstances.


  1. i called in nov. to check to see if all of my drugs where going to be covered and the price for them all. go get my drugs 2day of jan this year and i was not told right and i,m dam mad at this company for not having educated csr’s that have spen a great deal of time getting trained so that they don’t give out wrong infomation on the phone. First Health is awful i will never again sign up to another coventry health plan d’s

  2. Craig, Sorry you had a bad experience. I’m not an apologist for Coventry and it’s your right not to renew your membership in 2012 but it sounds as though the problem may be with the individual not the organization as a whole. Many people are happy with First Health Part D plans.

  3. I quit First Health in January 2011 because they jacked up the GENERIC Allegra to a tier 3 sometime after the 1st of last year. Now I get a letter today, 2/22/11, saying I owe them $16.82 because a 1/30/10 script fill was undercharged. I think in January, 2010, the generic allegra was still a tier 1, but not for sure. Anyway, I called the number, for any questions, provided in the letter – a recording said my call could not be answered at this time. What??? If I pay the 1/30/2010 undercharge, will I then get another letter next month for a possible 2/28/2010 undercharge? I called another phone number from some papers I had saved – thank God! The screws never stop turning, folks.

  4. Sharon, Anytime you are dealing with an insurance company or the government it pays to keep all correspondence and records. I hope you found a plan more to your liking.

  5. Have just switched to First Health for my part D, called Medicare and they set it up to start on June 1, 2011. I have not received my card with all the numbers (batch number and whatever) so I cannot get coverage. My pharmacy needs that info, and will not fill anything until I present this information. I haven’t heard from neither Medicare or First Health. What should I do? I have NO money to pay for these medications. I am on SSDI and SSI plus I get special help to pay for the meds I MUST take. I am also to pay no more than a $10.20 per month premium.

  6. Debra, If you were entitled to switch (and it sounds like you were) and you submitted your app prior to May 31 (which you did) you will be covered June 1. The people in your pharmacy are lazy. Call First Health customer service to get your ID or contact your agent.

  7. I called a few weeks ago to check on why I had not received my monthly payment slips. The woman said not to worry. It’s Christmas and I still have received nothing.

  8. I just enrolled in First Health Part D Value Plus PDP and am trying to find a cost sheet on my drugs. Like my COPAY 7 list prices so I can manage my donut hole. I would like a web site i can go to ,to get my cost 7 list prices toward donut hole. Thanks Kenneth Gillette

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