HealthSpring Part D Review – Medicare Star Rating

HealthSpring prescription drug plan assigned a less than average star ratingvalue high lighted

The fact that everyone has a unique set of circumstances, makes it difficult to find an objective measure when comparing Part D plans side-by-side.

For instance, if you are considering Part D coverage through HealthSpring you will need to consider your budget, your required prescriptions, out-of-pocket costs, pharmacy network and a host of other factors.

This is true of any Part D plan. But who wants to go through all the trouble of exploring every plan? Fortunately, plans are given an overall star rating from Medicare. Star ratings are based on the experience of members as it relates to several aspects of the plan.

Factors include:

  • Drug plan customer service
  • Member complaints, problem getting services and improvement in the plan’s performance
  • Member experience with the plan
  • Patient safety and accuracy of drug pricing

Star ratings are not necessarily indicative of you future experience but if a plan has a below average star rating you may want to take that into consideration.


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HealthSpring Part D assigned 2.5 stars

When you search for a plan on the official Medicare website you will find most plans are assigned a star rating based on past performance. Some plans are listed as too new to evaluate, while others include a warning that for three years in a row the plan has received poor ratings.

You should probably steer clear of plans that have a warning attached and if you are considering a plan with less than average ratings, determine if a higher rated plan is available with similar benefits.

HealthSpring prescription drug plans require a $325 annual deductible and offer no additional coverage while in the coverage gap. Many plans are designed this way so finding a comparable plan should not be difficult.

To get additional information about HealthSpring’s Part D, visit their website.

If you are interested in comparing Part D, including; premiums, deductibles, gap coverage and Medicare star ratings you can get it HERE and compare all plans available in your State.

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