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Medicare Part D - Alabama 2011 PlansWhat you need to know about Medicare Part D changes for 2013

If you are getting ready for the Annual Enrollment Period and want some basic information so you can compare Medicare 2013 Part D plans for  you need to be aware of recent changes. Having updated information on regulations related to Part D plans is essential to ensure that you are choosing the best plan.

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Standard Medicare Part D Benefit Parameters for 2013

This is the simple part. Benefit parameters are nearly the same as 2012.

  • Plans can include a deductible of $325.
  • Initial coverage limit is $2970
  • Out-of-pocket threshold is $4750.
  • Minimum co-pays (catastrophic Portion of benefit) is $2.65 for generic/preferred and $6.60 for all other drugs.

There is not much changing in the benefit parameters.  Since Part D is a federally regulated program all Part D Medicare plans have the same limits.

Medicare Part D coverage gap for 2013

In 2013 you will receive a 52.5% discount on your name brand drugs and a 21% discount on generics while in the coverage gap. If you have reached the coverage gap you know that saving 52.5% on your name brand drugs can be a significant savings.

It’s been estimated that the average premium for a Medicare Part D plan will remain the same or be slightly lower  for 2013 plans. Nationally the average plan has a $34 monthly premium.


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Comparing Medicare Part D plans – what to consider

Most States will have at least a couple dozen Part D plans to choose from. You will see recognizable plans such as AARP Medicare Part D and Humana Medicare Part D plans as well as a host of plans that you may never heard of. Here are some tips to remember when shopping for a Medicare Part D Plan:

  • Medicare Part D plans are annual plans, and unless you are dis-enrolling from a Medicare Advantage you will have the plan through the end of the year.
  • Make sure your drugs are included in the plan’s formulary.
  • Determine which tier a drug is in and compare that to other plans. Sometimes, one plan will have a drug in tier 2, while another company will place the same drug in tier 3.
  • Look at the entire picture, a low premium can be less attractive if you are required to pay a $325 annual deductible.
  • Make sure your pharmacy will accept the plan.

Is Enrolling Through The Medicare Website Risky?

The easiest way to compare Medicare Part D plans for 2013 is online. Once you find a Part D plan you can generally submit the application online and avoid meeting with an agent.

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